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Friday, 15 April 2011

Studying an MA at MMU Manchester.

Fashion blog dedicated to eco green fashion news.Finding all the best sites for eco conscious philosophyI have made the decision to enrol onto an MA course some years previously while completing my teaching certification in further education at Nottingham Trent University within my CPL programme and I have found a course at Manchester Metropolitan University that fits my aspirations and desires as an Artisan and an educator within the Arts and Humanities disciplines of working practices within my needs as an Artist creator and lecturer within the disciplines of Art and Design. Of which I am still very interested in as well as my own personal practice as an Artist Artisan within the Fashion and Textiles Industry and general Art and Design Disciplines. Following on from my MA textile certification within my CPL portfolio of working practice. I would like to follow on from my MA course to a Research Course to develop my illustration techniques within the Computer aided design Soft wear packages and technical developments with the technology side of illustration and Design development. My inspirations are to apply to the Royal College of Art via the Arts and Humanity funding schemes. My aspirations are to develop from my prĂȘt-a-porter ready to wear career and transcend into a haute couture level of product design encompassing more theoretical Art and Design influences to increase the level of design standard for my own self –reliant practitioners working practice.

The MA Textiles course at Manchester Metropolitan University" is a place to explore all aspects of textile Art in its broadest sense encompassing Art and design and craft practice"( gaining new knowledge using critical debate with other students from different Art and design backgrounds. Developing a far broader and more technical understanding of modern technology, using up to date photographic printing practice, CAD and illustrator,Shima Sekie knitting machinery and industrial embroidery machines. I will be exploring contemporary aspects of my continuing practice gaining new knowledge using critical debate with other students and exploring a deeper awareness of the technologies of illustration, portfolio development and working drawing exploration within the soft ware packages of Illustrator and photoshop.

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