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Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Colour Blue

The Color Blue: What Does It Mean to You?

Author: Dylan Miles
Colors are important in our lives. They are all around us; in nature, in our homes, and in the clothes we wear. The color blue means different things on different levels. Blue is natural, practical, and symbolic. We choose to wear specific colors to say something about us. The color blue is often associated with the serenity of the sky, with a sad and depressed mood, or with the music of the Blues. Some countries, like Greece, have blue as their national color and have it on their national flag.

What does blue mean to you?

You probably associate the color blue with the blue of the sky and the ocean, and if you do, then you also associate blue with serenity and peace. It's no wonder! Blue is very much a tranquil color. In fact, it is said that the color blue produces chemicals that calm and soothe the mind and body. For this reason, blue is one of the most popular color choices for bedroom walls, and is often used to paint baby room walls.

Blue is often associated with "feeling blue" or being depressed. But studies show that the color blue inspires productivity in people. People, it is said, work better in blue rooms. And more than that, some fashion experts suggest that wearing blue to a job interview is great because blue makes a statement about loyalty. Blue creates the opposite impression of red, which is a color associated with power and passion. Fashion experts suggests wearing red to a job interview if you want to show power and strength.

Blue is also associated with the music genre, the Blues. In fact, the basic characteristic of the Blues is the "blue note", an irregular music note. The Blues are often sung about lost love and troubles, but in general blue is a positive, calming and serene presence in our lives.

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